Do it yourself Part 2

How to shoot your own photos!
My new youtube channel! 
Merry New Year 

Sunglasses: Wildfox -RevolveClothing
Pants: Miss Patina
Jacket: Yumi Direct
Scarf: Teddy Scarf UrbanOutfitters
Boots: Zara and on sale!
Sweater: Apart of Me

This blog was mainly taken by myself with my Sony A 7 and my phone as a clicker watch video above to see how. I want to make more HOW to videos and show everyone how to become a blogger. I want to help everyone out in 2015. This is why I created FashionTap to help everyone out. We PAY YOU to use the app, we get no cuts AT ALL, that tells you everything. I made this out of pure love for the fashion world. More videos to come this week please subscribe to my youtube channel.

My sweater is by Apart of me and I wore a collared top under it and played with layers. My boyfriend Dad Michael Bayouth gifted me this amazing scarf from Urbanoutfitters for Xmas. I've worn this scarf every single day since the day I got it, I even sleep with it on. Lets just say I AM OBSESSED with this scarf. Check out Michael Bayouth's new book, In The Shadows of Giants get it here on amazon!!

My pants are the most incredible high waisted pants I have ever owned in my entire life, not kidding. They are by my favorite designer Miss Patina. My boots are Zara and they are on sale!!

Merry New Year
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