Stuck here waiting for a passing feeling.

Jacket: Harlyn Label
Sunglasses: Super rare Chanel 

I seriously love love love Harlyn Label's designs. This collared top is super detailed and very unique, just my style. I paired it with my Harlyn adorable jacket and my school girl like grey skirt. My boots are by TBA To be Announced sold at SoleStruck, aren't they gorgeous? I have to admit these are  my first off white boots I have ever owned! I love them and the response I get while wearing these is amazing! My adorable studded bag is by Street Level, such amazing quality and the perfect size. I love smaller bags as you can probably tell from my blog. I always carry a smaller bag around with me at all times. I love the color and shape of this bag, once again I don't own any bags this color so I am thrilled to add it to my bag collection. My sunglasses are by Chanel and they are one of a kind, I actually bought them at the Chanel store on Rodeo in Beverly Hills. These were in the back vault for a long time, they had to dig them up for me. I think only 100 were made if that. I love them almost as much as my Chanel 5018 half tint sunglasses. I will keep them forever and ever. 

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