Believe in yourself and everyone else will believe in you.

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Jacket: HERE
Skirt: GentleFawn
Top: The girl that loves
Eyewear: Coastal

I just shot these earlier today. I really love the feel of them and I love the outfit. This faux fur jacket is incredible. I ordered it in a size small and it fits great and it's SUPER warm.

Download FashionTap today and make an account. We will be having our mansion launch event in March and this event will be a game changer for us for sure. I am so excited to have such amazing people involved in this app and our launch. I am a women and I've created a FASHION social network for all of you. Every fashion site and app is created by a man, most of these men just want your money or to make money. I make NO MONEY on my app, you make money on my app. You tag your clothes and you make 100% commission if it sells. This is because I love all of you and I LOVE FASHION. Download the app in the app store today. 

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