Just wanted to show you all how SUPER easy my app is to use. Takes no time at all to upload your photos from your instagram and tag. Once you tag and someone comes along and clicks to buy you get 100% commission, we take no cuts at all. I've created this entire thing with the love of you all and love of fashion in my heart. Everyone in the fashion world can use this and I believe it will be an incredible tool for everyone. Designers and PR firms can locate fashion bloggers in any City State Country. Fashion Enthusiasts can tag their clothes to make money and also search our app for Fashion look inspiration while following their favorite bloggers. Bloggers can be ranked and found for work on our app, they can also tag all of their products and make money. Like I said in the video above you don't have to tag anything at all, you can manually tag your website if you would like. Photographers can use this app to locate bloggers and models to shoot and vice versa. Models can find hair and makeup for their next shoot in San Francisco. This is a FASHION social network, not a shopping app. This is exactly like instagram but for the lovers of fashion! I have created this entire thing from the mindset of a Designer, Blogger, Model, Photographer, PR Firm, Marketer, Brand, Retailer etc. I am all of those so I was able to really see what the market needed.

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Sign up today, we are in the app store under FashionTap, remember we are still in Beta, bare with us.