The only person holding you back is YOU

 A new video for you guys! I promise to try and do one a day. I may even do some from my phone when I am out and at meetings etc. I want everyone to get to know me more.

Dress: Gypsy Warrior
Necklace: Miriam Merenfeld
Sunglasses: Pared AU
Bag: Danielle Nicole Alexa Mini $70
Shoes: Zara

Once again I made another youtube video with some advice on how to become a blogger and what to do to get work. I will continue this video series for the rest of 2015 please subscribe!

My dress is by Gypsy Warrior and on SALE right now! My sunglasses are by Pared Au and they are amazing as you can tell. This bag by Danielle Nicole is incredible, it feels and looks like a $700 bag but it's only $70. These flats from Zara are my favorite shoes at the moment, I wear them every single day.

Today I found out my dog died, Rambo, an adorable beautiful Pomeranian I've had for over 15 years. He lived with my parents up north and the last time I saw him was Christmas and he had cancer. The cancer came on very fast on his neck. I've never been more devastated in my life. Making that video above today was hard because I have been crying all day long. He was my baby, my little beautiful baby. I didn't even want to write about this on here or bring it up in my video because I didn't want to make anyone sad or upset... I am dealing with a lot today.. I know he's in a better place now, so thats comforting. We didn't want him to suffer at all and he lived a long long long beautiful life. I am going to miss him.
Love you guys

RIP RAMBO , I love you so much.