Highs and lows

Backpack: M.R.K.T
Bow Necklace: Tarina Tarantino
Crystal Necklace: Tiny Devotions
Eyeglasses: Polette
Red Coat: OBA
Dress: FashionTap
Barbie doll hands bracelet: Made By Jimbob

Let me just start off by saying how much I love and adore my new backpack by M.R.K.T. (Mad Rabbit Kicking Tiger). What an incredibly unique brand and backpack. This backpack is made of felt and vegan leather. I wore this backpack all day today and let me just say, I can fit A LOT of stuff in there! The felt of this bag is called SMRT felt which is 100% recyclable, made by a leading German Manufacturer.

My beautiful amazing bow necklace is by Tarina Tarantino, the best designer around. Not only is she the best but she is the sweetest most amazing lady ever. She donated items for my gifting gazebo for my FashionTap launch party last Saturday and she came to the event. Everyone was star struck over her and her beautiful family too! I get so warm and fuzzy inside when I meet big designers that are really genuine nice giving amazing sweet people.

My crystal necklace is by a company called Tiny Devotions, LOVE THIS NECKLACE!!
      My eyeglasses are by Polette, they eyeglasses feel and look vintage to me, very 60s. Polette makes the most amazing eyewear ever, everything is super unique and great quality and at an incredible price.

My red coat is by OBA Asia,  I love this jacket for many reasons, first of all look at the details!! The inside of the jacket is fully lined and printed with amazing print. Everything about this coat is incredible, it even has 2 pockets in the front!

My barbie doll hands bracelet is by Jimbob, it's one of my favorite bracelets ever!!! He donated a lot of these in my gifting gazebo for my party! These were such a hit, he is so creative!