It's time

Entire photo shoot by Andrew Roque, hair by Marissa Cydya, makeup by Sara Tagaloa, Styling by Veronica Graye.

I am so in love with this entire set of photos, I feel like a lot of them really show a different side of me and different style. We wanted to mix modern with vintage for most of these portrait shots. Andrew is incredible,  I love the lighting and the backdrop and the entire scene in all of these shots.

I tried to incorporate most of the brands that are  involved in my FashionTap mansion launch party coming up. I love love love and appreciate every brand that is involved. They are all so generous and caring.  Most of this stuff is tagged on FashionTap , download the app today!

Leather Jacket: Members Only
White Eyeglasses: Chillibeans USA 
Clear Eyeglasses: Coastal
Kitty pumps: TUK
Eyelet Collar Top: Rag and Bone
Necklace: Love and Leather