Lost in the Milky Way, the very first light wave...

Shoes: Miista
Skirt: Red Bubble
Eyeglasses: Coastal
Turquoise Necklace: Mad Jewels
Necklace: Pashey Bella

My friend Taylor Laughlin shot these incredible shots of me the other day when we were shopping around Studio City. I am so madly in love with my newest shoes by Miista, they are so unique and beautiful! I also just got these amazing 60s styled color blocked eyeglasses by Derek Cardigan for Coastal.com. I paired the new shoes and new eyeglasses with my new skirt by Red Bubble. I got to pick what fabric and print I wanted for this skirt, I love it! I walked all around town in this skirt and it was beyond comfortable.  My bigger turquoise necklace is by an amazing designer  Mad Jewels, they make the best stuff ever. I love this necklace it's so extreme and fun. I switched out necklaces mid shoot because I really wanted to showcase my other new necklace by Pashey Bella. This is a handmade piece by them with a beautiful black crystal attached. I love both necklaces and couldn't decide which to wear so I wore both!
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