Retro Super Future at Midnight on the boardwalk

 Dress: BooHoo
 Shoes: BooHoo
 Hat: FashionTap
 Sunglasses: Sunglasses Spot

    I am so in love with these shots, and this look. I styled this look with my newest dress and shoes from BooHoo. I love the platforms, I especially love the texture of them, the croc texture. My dress reminds me of something a Jetson would wear, super retro further 60s mod, I love it! Heather Tocquiny shot these for me some one her camera and some on mine. All of the blue wall ones are from her camera and the white garages are from my Sony A7. My sunglasses are incredible from Sunglasses Spot c/o of the amazing Linh Nguyen @LINHWINN and Lisa Linh @ByLisaLinh from their incredible lunch event at Hoys Wok last weekend.
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