Energy to the sky and back

Shoes: Pepaloves
Top: Mombasa Rose
Skirt:Mombasa Rose
Bag: Danielle Nicole
Eyeglasses: Polette

    Today I went to Social Media Week LA in Santa Monica. This was my first time attending and they have some amazing classes here.  I met some really incredible people today in fashion, one girl in particular was incredible, super smart and loves tech as much as me! She had every app downloaded on her phone, I was very impressed. I can't wait for Thursday and Fridays classes!! I love this entire look, my top and skirt are by Mombasa Rose and my shoes are by Pepaloves! My new eyeglasses are by Polette and I love them, too bad they sold out! I love this high waisted button up skirt a lot, the color is great and can go with a lot. My fuzzy shirt is adorable, I wore this outfit all day today and felt really great! I will keep you all updated on Social Media Week!!!

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