One button for all

Sunglasses: Pared Au
Romper: MinkPink
Jacket: Roschterra
Shoes: FashionTap
Button Necklace: MadebyJimbob- FashionTap

     I am so so so madly in love with my new sunglasses by Pared Au, I seriously cannot take them off of my face. I've never loved a pair of sunglasses more than I do these. I just got this adorable floral Mink Pink romper and pared it with my new favorite shoes ever and my new blue moto jacket by Rochterra. My button necklace was designed by me for Jimbob, I wear this beauty every day. The button is the logo for my app FashionTap, I believe the button represents fashion but it also represents a community. The button holds your clothes together and FashionTap holds an entire fashion community together as one.  Download FashionTap in the app store and I have tagged every single thing directly onto the photo for you to buy!