Success is never accidental

Dress: FashionTap
Shoes: FashionTap
Sunglasses: Pared Eyewear

Today I found out something so incredible, I got chills. I found out my tech hero wanted to be a fashion designer in the past. I have looked up to this person for years and years and years now, so to find out he has a sort of love for the fashion industry is way too exciting for me. I love the tech world and everyone in it I also love the fashion industry. This is why I created my Fashion app FashionTap. I had to bring my two loves together into one big love. I rode my bike just now to get my mail at my po box and thought about this the entire ride. The universe is showing me signs every single day and guiding me along with this app. It's insane how once I opened up to fashion and fashion blogging every single door seems to open for me. I can tell I am on the right path and I am beyond excited about my future. I love this denim dress more than anything, it's super mod vintage. I am also obsessing over my new bag by Lazarri and my new sunnies by Pared Au. 
Everything is tagged on my photo on FashionTap. Download the app today and follow me @Amy.