A chocolate box kind of life //

Pants: Pink Martini
Sunglasses: Sabre
Bag: Nicole Lee 
Shoes: FashionTap

    WOOOOO WEEEE would you look at that HAT! I love big giant hats and when I saw this huge straw hat by Lack of Color I just had to have it. I paired my hat with a nice all white look. My beautiful crop vintage-esque lace top is by Pink Martini and my high waisted skinny pants are by Pink Martini as well. Pink Martini is an online boutique that sells an array of amazing clothes for women, you have to go check out all of their amazing website ASAP. My cat eye sunglasses are by Sabre, I have been eyeing these for over a year now and just had to have them. I love the shape of these sunglasses and the quality is incredible, they feel like $500 sunnies but they are only $100. They are very thick which I LOVE! My unique bag is by Nicole Lee, the girl on the bag basically looks exactly like me, hehe. Nicole Lee is such an incredible designer, check out her unique bags and shoes you won't be disappointed. Follow Nicole Lee on FashionTap @nicoleleeusa.
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