Palm Tree Pants Summer Look //

Sunglasses: Polette Eyewear
Shoes: FashionTap

These high waisted Palm Tree pants are my favorite EVER! I wear them every time I visit Palm Springs! If you want to know who makes them download FashionTap and find me @Amy I tagged them directly to my photo! My big beautiful straw hat is by lack of color and my amazing off the shoulder top is by ANGL. ANGL sells some really amazing clothes and I especially love their crop tops. My vintage inspired sunglasses are by one of my favorite sunglasses company Polette Eyewear. I wore this outfit out to my friends Birthday party and everyone wanted my sunglasses! 
Download FashionTap today in the App store I directly tagged every single item to my photo! Be found on FashionTap by your category and location for work! 


  1. Your pants are so cool! Love this look

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