Wooden Walls, Wooden Halls

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Today on my blog I am rocking a neutral tone fall style blog with my newest items. I just got my new Mod Mobile 2 by This is Ground in the mail, I love this thing because I can easily organize all of my stuff in it. I carry all of my cards and it even fits my phone. I love the new added strap as well. I picked gold because lately gold has been my color. Even my skirt and sunglasses have some gold tones in them. My patchwork suede skirt is to die for, not only is it incredible quality but its super high waisted. My new hat is by HardKorHats, they make the most amazing hats ever, this has to be my new favorite hat for fall! I love the color, I've so happy to add this beautiful hat to my collection of hats. If you go to hardkorhats.com and enter the code: fashiontap you will receive $75 off your order!  I am selling my awesome suede boots on Depop click link above! 
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