Stick to your words

Jacket: LaModa101
Lipstick: ColourPop
Bag: Nicole Lee
Sunnies: Polette
Boots: FT
Beret: $1 on Wish App (my fav app)

This year I am afraid to say it but I have to slow down on blog posts. I have been posting a blog almost every day for almost 3 years now. This takes up  A LOT of my time. I can still post to instagram and FashionTap but a lot less blogs. I will be focusing all of my energy 100% to my app FashionTap. I want to help everyone be found and drive sales and make money! I love you all and it's my dream and goal to help everyone in fashion have a voice and especially you indie smaller brands! 
My coat is INCREDIBLE and its by LAMODA101 and they are on FashionTap so please follow them. Nicole Lee is also on FashionTap and my bag is by her. Polette eyewear as well! My top is incredible and it's vintage from The Hippie Shake, one of my favorite vintage online stores at this moment! My goal for 2016 is to bring in a more French 60s vibe to my blogs! 
Merry New Year!!