An App that will bring everyone in the fashion industry together!

Instagram vs FashionTap, easier to shop off of and see the exact makeup items this person is using.

               Above is a recent interview I did about blogging and about my app FashionTap. I created FashionTap to really help change the fashion industry in a good way. I want to connect every single person in fashion on one social platform. I am not taking you away from Instagram, in fact you can use Instagram to post your images to FashionTap and tag the items to your images. I want you to be found and I want you to monetize and make money off of the content you are already posting. I want to help indie brands and boutiques to be found and have better visibility. I want to help bloggers be found for more work with brands and designers! I want makeup artists to be able to actually tag their exact makeup items to their faces helping their fans purchase. I want makeup and hair people to be found for work and to find others to work with. You can directly tag anything you want to your image (like your youtube tutorial videos).

I really want to empower everyone and help everyone finally take control of their careers and be found and get what they deserve. Instagram is not a Fashion Social Network, sorry, it's not. It's an everyone network that everyone uses and tries to make into a fashion network. Go #fashion or #makeup and tell me what you see. Food? Dogs? Kids? Yup... Go to FashionTap and #lingerie and #fashion and you will see exactly that and be able to buy those exact items off the images. 

I love you guys and I want to change the world for the better. I won't stop till I do. This new year will be a life changer. I won't stop and I can't stop. I love all the indie brands and retailers I have on my app right now and I love the bloggers and amazing makeup artists and hair stylists on there. 

Makeup /Hair 

HM on Instagram vs FashionTap

Designers and Brands

Download FashionTap in the App Store today, connect, be found, lets make a difference.

Lets change the world together and band together and create an amazing fashion social network!



  1. I must say they are doing quite good i mean the sort of work is coming out its more like trend setters which is a very good thing,

    Fashion Accessories

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