800th BLOG POST!!!!!

 Glasses 1: Bonlook
Glasses 2: BonLook
Glasses 3: BonLook
Glasses 4: BonLook
Glasses 5: BonLook

This is my 800th blog post, this means I've gone out and done over 800 blog shoots. I have worked my BUTT off as a blogger over these past 3 years. I have 45k followers on IG all 100% real. I just did a SOCIAL PRO AUDIT on my account and I got rated an A. I worked so hard for everything. I love what I do and I love helping brands be seen. I am so in love with BonLook and all of their amazing eyewear. They make such fun eyewear!!! I shot all of these today on my backdrops using my phone as a clicker. Do everything yourself always, never rely on anyone but yourself. I wouldn't have 800 blog posts if I relied on anyone else. I started out shooting my own stuff.