From my heart to yours //

Jacket: Members Only
Travel Journal: Twelve South
Photographer: Heather Tocquiny

I shot these today with Heather Tocquiny on Abbot Kinney. I never realized how much I loved Venice until today. Every single person there is super young and stylish as hell. Being there for even 1 hour was very inspiring for me. Not to mention we drove by GOOGLE offices and everyone around works in tech. My new adorable bag is by Adele and Rose and I paired this bag with my Members Only jacket. I just got this new Travel Journal by Twelve South, I am obsessed with it. It looks like a vintage book but in actuality it holds all of my stuff for work! If you want to know the rest of my outfit details download FashionTap in the app store and follow me @AMY username! I tagged every single item to my image.