Let me go and I will want you more //

Heels: Clarks
Overalls: Valfre
Dickey: Le Cou
Planner: Valfre
Lipstick: ColorKill

Yesterday I finally got time to go out and relax inside Griffith Park and shoot some fun shots for my blog. I styled this entire outfit around my new Valfre overall dress. Isn't this dress incredible? The heart and the style kills me, I am loving Valfre's new clothing line. My collar (dickey) is by LeCou, I am obsessed with collars so dickeys are obviously my favorite and must have fashion staple. My pink planner is also by Valfre and I use it to plan out all of my events coming up. This year has been a really slow one but it will soon be the busiest year of my life.  My amazing new heels are by Clarks, I really love these, not only are they comfy but they're super unique. Lately I have been really obsessing over Color Kill's Mega Matte Lipsticks, the one I am wearing here is probably my favorite color. My entire life I have only worn red lipstick, I am excited to start branching out and experimenting with my makeup.