and don't forget to wear underwear!

Photos by Heather Tocquigny

Shoes: IPPO
Lipstick: Color Kill
Underwear: WhiskeyDogWares
The Rest: FashionTap

Yesterday me and Heather drove out to Franklin Canyon, one of my favorite spots in LA and shot this blog. I am so in love with these shoes from IPPO, they're so unique and so comfy. I styled these shoes with my new eyelet overalls and my new purple vegan lipstick by Color Kill. Most of my friends recently went Vegan and they are using Vegan products now as well. I am excited to start using Color Kill's lipsticks because not only are they magical but they are Vegan as well. Like I said before I normally only wear red lipstick so this was a huge change for me. I love this shade of purple a lot. My high waisted underwear/swimsuit bottoms are by the amazing WhiskeyDogWares. Follow them on FashionTap they're one of my top designers!
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