What are you waiting for, a certain shade of pink?

Shoes: Ouigal
Skirt: Crowned Bird
Rest: FT

Yesterday I had a fun day with the amazing Joshua Caro! The Paul Smith pink wall in LA is one hell of a hot spot for shoots. The wall was lined with people taking images. I was able to squeeze in there and shoot some of these fun shots. My entire outfit is designed by the amazing Priscilla Barroso of a  Crowned Bird. I will be selling this top on my FashionTap account so stay tuned and download the app in the app store! My shoes are by Ouigal, I feel like these shoes are made from magic unicorn princess goddess dust. I feel this way because these shoes are absolutely gorgeous and incredible as you can see. Ouigal makes the most amazing shoes I have ever seen in my entire life.  My clock bag is by Nara Hayley, follow them on FashionTap today!