A small undertaking

Sunglasses: Pared Eyewear
Rest: FT

As you may or may not know I am banned on instagram for 7 days until next Tuesday. They have been randomly banning and deleting accounts lately for no reason at all. I got no warning and no reason why this has happened to me. They said my account was hacked and made me change my password, I changed my password and then they logged me out and once I reset my password and logged back in they banned me. I can post images I just can't add descriptions or comment. LAME... 

Anyways this is one of my favorite outfits ever from Floating Style, follow them on FashionTap! My sunnies are by Pared Au. My bracelet is by the amazing Margaret Elizabeth c/o of the incredible NYC Collective! 

I will tag everything to my image on FashionTap, especially my adorable amazing bag!