God is love, Welcome to Salvation Mountain //

Heels: Carel Paris
Sunglasses:  LeSpecs
Bag: Pink Cosmo
Necklace: Love and Leather
Dress: FT

Yesterday I took a day trip to Salvation Mountain with my two amazing friends. Sometimes you just need to take a break, it wasn't really a break though I worked the entire drive up! I am in love with this place, if you haven't been yet, go now! I love color, color is my favorite thing ever. I thought this outfit was beyond perfect for this location. My heels are by Carel Paris and they are by far my favorite pair of heels ever, just look at them, AH. My fringe bag is by Pink Cosmo/Pink Haley, I love it, it reminds me of Chloe. My sunglasses are by LeSpecs and really fit in well with this location. 
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