The color of all colors //

Bag: Toino Abel
The Rest: FashionTap

I am obsessed with my new handmade bag by Toino Abel. I actually found this brand on my own app FashionTap. @Someoneinlove posted their bags and tagged them and I knew I had to have this bag right away! I actually had Toino Abel join FashionTap! I am here to help everyone be found and drive sales! I am so excited about this brand! The rest of my look is tagged to my image on FashionTap!!! I bought my liner from FashionTap after seeing one of our makeup artists tag it, I could've got this liner from the store in the mall for $5 but I wanted to spend the $12 so the user would make the commission on the sale! I love my users and I am in this to help everyone!