Make your dreams come true, nothing is impossible.

Sunglasses: LeSpecs
Dress: Designed by me for me
Shoes: Carel Paris
Phone case: RANGSEE

This is a dress I designed and had made for myself. I am all about designing the perfect dress or my dream dress. I love this design, I love the big floral collar, I love the pleated skirt and I love how short the dress is, my legs look so long! I want to keep designing clothes and one day I can manufacture them for everyone else. My clothing brand name is Royce Roiland. My amazing shoes are by Carel Paris, check them out they make the most unique shoes ever. My sunglasses are by LeSpecs, incredible eyewear. My crystal phone case is by an etsy designer Rangsee, follow them on FashionTap! Support smaller indie brands always. My bag is no longer for sale, I tagged the website where I got it though, they sell incredible bags there. 
Everything is tagged to my image on FashionTap, download in the app store!!!!