A day in the life

Necklace: While Odin Sleeps
The outfit: FT

This past Saturday I had the pleasure to be on a fashion in technology panel for the Wonder Women in Tech conference in Long Beach! I went with my best friend Leyla and we had blast! The talk went well, I filmed most of it on my snapchat. After the talk several younger girls came up to me (girls who code) and talked with me about my app and how excited they are for it. This meant a lot to me, I love to inspire young women and especially women who want to get into technology! This outfit is one of my favorite outfits, my dress is an older style dress by Opening Ceremony. I paired my dress with my new amazing necklace I designed for the jewelry brand While Odin Sleeps! You have to follow them on FashionTap today, Lauren is incredible and her designs and jewelry blows my mind, gorgeous. My over the knee grey boots are by Public Desire. I actually took over Public Desire's snapchat this past Saturday, what a fun amazing day. 
The rest of my outfit is tagged to my image on FashionTap!