H&M X Bloglovin Awards 2016

Here are the lovely ladies I had the pleasure of spending the day with: Maristella Gonzalez of "A Constellation Journal"; Jannel Therese of "Street Style Teller," Taye Hansberry of "Stuff She Likes."

I was recently nominated for H&M’s Breakthrough Fashion Blogger of the Year for the H&M X Bloglovin Awards 2016!! When I found out this news I was elated and was dancing all around my house. I have been blogging now for over 3 years and have almost 1,000 blog posts. I have worked so hard as a blogger so to be recognized for this was beyond amazing to me. Bloglovin and H&M flew me to New York to visit the H&M showroom and have a mentorship session with Leandra Medine aka Man Repeller. This was truly a dream come true for me because not only am I obsessed with H&M but I am also obsessed with Leandra, she is incredible. Meeting her in person surpassed my expectations of her even further. 

Once we all arrived to the H&M showroom we were able to walk around and explore and look at all the newest merchandise and the newest H&M Fall Studio collection. Everything was gorgeous I was blown away. The accessories were all on point and amazing. The H&M Fall Studio collection was seriously comparable to something you would see in an LVMH store, amazing details and quality. 

We did a group session within one hour of arrival with Leandra herself. We got to learn from her the ins and outs of blogging and the world of business and media. I asked her what motivates and inspires her and she said waking up excited is what inspires her and makes her feel successful. I also asked her how she gets over a slump and she said she takes a lot of "me" time and pampers herself. She will take a magazine or one of her favorite books to the nearest cafe or restaurant and drink some wine. Getting your mind off work is always helpful, it's always good to take a break. I really needed to hear this because I never take any "me" time, I am always about blogging and working. 

After this we got to do a one on one session with Leandra. I asked her about time management because I am all over the place and I need to learn better time management skills. Leandra said she does the the pomodoro technique which is 20 mins on and 10 min breaks in between, intervals. She said she won't check her emails in between this time. 
After this we got to try on our H&M Fall Studio collection look for the Bloglovin’ Awards. My look is to die for it was the perfect fit and style for me. I will give you a hint it was a collar! My motto in life is put a collar on it! 

After this we did a session with Morgan from Bloglovin’ and we got to learn more about the benefits Bloglovin’ offers us bloggers. She explained the benefit of Bloglovin’ to all of us and told us better ways we can utilize the platform and gain more visibility. We can even work with brands now with their latest newest platform Activate. 

The one thing that really inspired me about this entire experience was talking with Leandra. I really related with her on so many different levels. She's never taken fashion too seriously and always has fun while dressing up, mixing and matching different things, never caring too much. I am exactly like her I am random and fun with my style and I never ever take it too serious. I love playing around with prints colors and styles. I am spontaneous with my fashion. Another thing she said is when people ask her to define her style she says she cannot do that, she feels that would put her inside of a box and that is not what she is about. She also believes content is the number one key as a content creator/ blogger. You will gain fans if you have amazing content and you will keep them if you keep your amazing content going. 

Leandra is really a carefree amazing inspiring woman. She took her platform and created an entire media channel within it. She branched out and creates incredible stories within her platform. She is such a humble amazing brilliant person. She is whitty, smart, funny, and overall on point. She really inspired me this day because I love being so fun and carefree in my blogging and sometimes I tend to lose that and now I am headed back that way again. I just want to have fun and express myself the best way possible through my blog. I want to inspire everyone and help everyone discover amazing new indie brands through me. 

She is so organic in her blogging approach and it's refreshing to see this. She isn't this walking advertisement, she loves what she does and incorporates it in the best ways. She has true organic amazing fans that will always be by her side no matter what. She involves everyone in her blog and media outlet and she constantly discussing topics with her fans. 

I am so grateful and thankful for this amazing opportunity and even if I don't win I still won because this was the most rewarding fantastic thing that could've ever happened to me. Like I said I have been working so hard on my blog so to be recognized in any way is beyond amazing for me. I love you Bloglovin’ and H&M and Man Repeller, Thank you!