Pink Eyeglasses: Polette
Red Eyeglasses: Montana Eyes
The rest: Here

This past weekend I went to Reno with my two best friends and my parents. I love Reno, it has so much character to it. I really thought my outfit fit right into the environment and the vibes here. I love these glitter boots by Jeffrey Campbell, I swear I got around 1000 comments when I wore them out! I love the hotel we stayed at, The Nugget, the west tower has all super vintage 60s floral rooms! AMAZING. At first we had a modern boring room in the East tower and I begged to be moved! 
My pink candy eyeglasses are by Polette, I LOVE these! I am also wearing my new red candy apple eyeglasses from Montana Eyes. If you get the chance go check out Montana Eyes in Santa Monica, they sell the most unique eyewear around. 
I tagged my look on my FashionTap account
Thank you to Sara Zamatics for taking these amazing shots. Thank you to Meagan and my parents for an amazing amazing birthday weekend!