Portlandia //

This past weekend I went on a short trip to Portland with my boyfriend Ben for our 4 year anniversary. We figured the flight is only 2 hours and it would be a fun trip so why not. We stayed at the amazing Jupiter hotel, which is walking distance to all the best bars and coffee shops, not to mention amazing vintage stores. This hotel is connected to the Doug Fir  lounge, an incredible bar/ resturant. I wish we knew how amazing the food was the day we arrived, I would've been eating there all weekend long. I walked 26,000 steps on Saturday alone, we literally walked everywhere. I love this city, it's super cute and really hip. My friend Amanda suggested some amazing places to see while I was there. We went to the Rose gardens, but the roses were all cut, that sucked but we moved on to our next location quickly. We had the pleasure of visiting The Grotto, this was by far our favorite thing in Portland. This place is very spiritual and very beautiful, I love nature so I was really feeling alive walking around there. 
My boyfriend drew the cutest artwork of us in the rain on our hotel room door. It was raining most of Saturday but we made the best of it and wore our rain gear. Ben bought me this adorable pink umbrella, it fit right in with this pink bench we found in the Grotto! Overall a super fun short trip, this was my first time on an airplane with my boyfriend. Next time I visit Portland I want to also go to Seattle and stay outside of the city, more nature for me. 
I will tag my outfits to my images on FashionTap for you all!