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 Image by Courtney Berman - @cberms

Will tag makeup to my image on FashionTap

This shoot was done by friend Tim Gould the other day. The first image you see was actually taken by Courtney Berman @cberms. I met her randomly at my shoot and she took this amazing shot. I am so happy I met her and she lives near me. I have been on the hunt for a good photographer in my area for a while! Super excited to work with her soon! 
I styled my outfit around this amazing handmade hat by Mama Tierra. I actually took the band that goes around the hat and made it into a headband! My bag is also by Mama Tierra, it's absolutely gorgeous. I just got these gold oxfords by The Office of Angela Scott, I am obsessed. I will be wearing these all the time now. I treated myself with these to congratulate myself with my new job working for Betty and Veronica clothing @bettyandveronica. 
More to come with my new job, I cannot wait to share with you all what I am currently working on!