My barbie house!

Look 1:
Bag: Marc B
Swimsuit: Ancora swimwear
Heels: Butrich
Pants: FT

Look 2:
Bag:Marc B
Heels: Butrich

Photos by @seizingbeauty Heather. 

How INCREDIBLE is this BARBIE house?! I have been wanting to go here forever and finally went. It was really hard to get that perfect shot because it's rather close to a freeway so if you back up too much, it could be fatal. We did the best we could. My two bags featured in these shots are by Marc B Bags, they are both my favorite color, blush pink. I styled these bags with some really fun looks. The first looks is actually a new swimsuit I just got, don't worry I will be modeling this swimsuit soon to show you the entire thing. My new heels in both shots are by Jessica Butrich, these are my favorite shoes hands down. She is a shoe genius. When I discovered her via a friend on Instagram I just knew I had to have some to model and blog here. I am in LOVE with them. What do you think? My skirt is by Party Skirts, I have a blue one and I wear them all the time. These skirts are way too fun and I love how they flare out. My amazing printed 60s style scarf is by Betty and Veronica!