The Color Factory!!

The Alaska Airlines Balloon room!!!! One of my favorite rooms to be honest. 

Yesterday I was lucky enough to visit the @Ohhappyjoy @colorfactoryCO color museum in San Francisco before it opens to the public August 1st! This was the most amazing museum ever, I was in heaven if you can't tell. Everything about this was a dream come true for me. My favorite rooms were the Geronimo balloon room sponsored by Alaska Airlines and the confetti room. I just got this amazing umbrella from Amazon and knew I had to bring it here. This umbrella was beyond perfect for this room! Everyone was taking pictures and video of me in there. You guys MUST go see this amazing museum! Tickets are on sale now! I will tag my outfit to my image on FashionTap! I didn't tell my two friends who came with me that there was a ball pit so when they walked in this room they both flipped out. They felt like kids again. We played in this lemon ball bit for about an hour. HA HA. We were the first ones in and the last ones out. Absolutely amazing!! I suggest you go there ASAP, get your tickets now and go!