Banana Smile //


Images by @circusofcakes Jenna 

I am super in love with this entire look I wore yesterday. I went with my friend Jenna to visit the offices of Yoobi in El Segundo. Angela showed us around and my favorite part was the inspiration book wall, oh and the plant wall of course. After this we went to the famous boutique in Silver Lake called YOLK. I just love it, it's so Wes Anderson to me.  Everyone kept asking me where my skirt was from and I actually got it from Crossroads! My new flower POWER bag is by Poppy Lissiman. I love this bag so much. I love the bags pattern and I love how it has a magnetic closure. My vintage yellow flower earrings are from Milk Tooth. I have two more pairs from them and I cannot wait to share them with you all. OOO and not to  mention my new flower sunnies by Oui Fresh, A beautiful Mess! I love them so much. I have them in pink as well and wear them non stop! 
I will tag the rest of my look to my image on FashionTap!