Glo skin beauty // beyond skin //

Lipstick: GloSkinBeauty
Blush: Flowerchild
Eyeliner: Liquid Ink

These skincare products and makeup products by Glo Skin Beauty absolutely changed my skin. Before I discovered this brand I barely even washed my face or even cared. My skin was clogged up and pretty bad. I finally got into a routine with this amazing skincare line. I am obsessed with the face wash and toner and don't get me started on the moisturizer, it's out of this world incredible. One of my friends stayed over the other night and she used the face wash and was blown away by it. The consistency of it and the smell is out of this world amazing. My skin is glowing. I barely ever have to edit my skin in my images now.  I do believe skin comes from within as well but having amazing skin care products helps too.  This line is also Peta approved which is always a huge plus for me. I recently threw away all of my makeup. I want to make sure that I only use vegan/more natural products. The thing I really love most about Glo Skin Beauty is they believe beauty is an extension of your skincare. I am obsessed with their makeup and especially their lipsticks. I am a huge lipstick gal and these are super hydrating and pigmented. The red lipstick (bullseye) is by far one of my favorites. The Glo Skin Beauty suede matte crayons are absolutely incredible. I've been using these every day, I love the colors and that they are matte. 
Overall this is my favorite makeup and skin care line. I will continue to use it and continue to document my skin and how it is changing. I feel way more confident now as well.