Plants on pink //

Earrings: Milk Tooth
Shoes: Here
Sunglasses: Sunnies to You

My lovely Ben took these images of me the other day in Echo Park. I am absolutely in love with this pink building. I felt like I was in Europe.  I drove by this a while ago and always planned on shooting here. Believe it or not I am exhausted in these images. I could barely pose or keep my eyes opened. I think they turned out ok :) I like to be a little more lively and pose more fun in my images. I absolutely love this entire look. I will make sure to tag it for you all on FashionTap. My new earrings are by Milk Tooth, I am beyond obsessed with the design of these. My amazing round bag is by Utopian Dreamers, one of my newest favorite handbag lines. My wooden sunnies are from Sunnies to You, they launch very soon so stayed tuned!