Centinelle Scarves // My newest campaign!!

Scarves by Centinelle 

Images by Rev Alex 

                I am so excited to finally let you guys know about my newest campaign with Centinelle scarves. I am absolutely in love with the prints of each and every scarf. These scarves are by far my favorite accessory lately. I wear a scarf with every outfit, I feel like they really make every outfit more fun. I had such a blast shooting these images with Rev Alex. It was so fun to style each scarf a different way. There are so many different ways to wear a scarf, I was blown away with this discovery. Now I have so much fun wearing my scarf in all different ways. I even love tying my scarf around my purse handle or even my waist! You can also drape the entire scarf over your shoulder to protect you from the sun if you are in a tank top! I really loved wearing the scarf on my head.  Photo 8 was my favorite way to style the scarf on my head. I thought those images and my style looked very Wes Anderson! 
I really hope you enjoy this set of images as much as I do! Go check out Centinelle's website to see more of this campaign! 

PS: For each purchase at centinelle.com  followed by an  IG post featuring the scarf with the hashtag #tropicalbigcats Centinelle will donate $ 1 to Cat Haven Project Survival, wild animal park for exotic species dedicated to the preservation of wild cats.