My Glasses Picks – Clearly and Coastal for the Win!

    I had the pleasure of teaming up with Coastal to create my very own curated collection page with my favorite eyeglasses along with a giveaway! I really love the eyewear I picked out. They all frame my face perfectly and they are all super unique. Coastal provides an entire page on how to find the right fit for you. Head over to the MyFit Tool page and find the perfect fit for you.  Coastal has an amazing selection of quality glasses so it was difficult to pick out my top favorites. I mixed and matches glasses from a variety of designers including; Kam Dhillon, Derek Cardigan, and Main and Central. I love the bold blue tortoiseshell of these Main and Central frames. It's something different, but also works well with my pink outfit. The Derek Cardigan clear frames were another one of my favorites. They really have a nice fit and go with most everything I wear. I absolutely love the shape of my Kam Dhillon Empire matte purple frames. They have that cat eye vibe and I love the silver detail on the temples. It was hard to choose these incredible styles from their site, because honestly, I wanted them all on my face! 

Go check out my curated glasses collection and enter the contest to win 4 pairs of your own! 

I hope you enjoy my images. Which pair is your favorite? 

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1st Images by : @seizingbeauty 

Last Images: @theslyestfox