Horse of Course!

Horse of Course! By @Deweythedewster Dewey Tann

Top: Manoush
Shoes: Gucci

      I had this idea flowing through my mind for many months now. I have been wanting to go to this race track forever. The entire location screams Wes Anderson. The moment we walked up I was flipping out. This place is gorgeous. This was the last weekend for actual horse racing. Horse racing will start up again in October.  I  wish to go here every day and shoot. Not only did we create some killer images but we also created an entire short film, Horse of Course!  We shot everything in about 30 mins. Dewey is such a genius, he blows my mind. We really work perfectly together. If you want to hire us to create a film or take pictures with your products email me : ( We can create everything in a matter of 1-2 days. This entire blog is one of my top 5 favorite blogs I have ever posted. It really embodies who I am and what inspires me in fashion and in life. 
This embroidered top is by Manoush, one of my all time favorite brands ever. I paired it up with my Topshop blazer and my pink Zara pants. My shoes are by Gucci and my handbag is by Utopian Dreamers.  I absolutely love this entire look. 
More videos to come! 

Horse of Course!

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