Flintstones , Meet the Flintstones, have a yabba dabba doo time!

Outfit: Desigual by Miranda Makaroff
Shoes: 5ymedio 
Sunglasses by me: Betty and Veronica

        I finally made it to the Flintstones Park near the Grand Canyon. I dreamed of going here for so long. I had this entire park built up in my head and it well exceeded my expectations. I loved every single thing about this place. Not only was it just $5 to get in but my best friend Krocky (photographer of this shoot) got a 1 year pass! WOOOP.  This outfit is by far the best outfit I have ever owned in my life, by Miranda for Desigual. I really wish her collection was sold in the USA because I want it all. I could only get a few pieces for now. BUMMER. 
Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this entire blog post!