A day in San Diego

Last week I took a quick day trip to San Diego with my friends David and JJ. We got the chance to visit Salk institue first then we went to Holy Matcha and then ended up in Encinitas for tacos. We had such a fun day and Salk was everything I wanted it to be. They do not allow photo shoots so we had to take most pictures with our phones. I think they turned out ok. After we were done here we went to Holy Matcha, which is my favorite matcha place in the world. Not only is the matcha grade A but the decor is by far my favorite. The bathroom is so cute, the wallpaper is cactus print. 

Photos by  David @lostentorres 

My 1st look : Skirt Etsy, Bodysuit: Ami Muse Studio Shoes: 5yMedio Bag: Matter Matters. 
2nd look: Get Choosey , zara coat.