Sands Pink Hotel

pics by Timothy Michael Gould 

Bag: Thread Em

Not a paid post.

     The Sands hotel is everything I could've dreamed of, it screams my name. The pinks, the greens, the prints, the cacti. AHHH!  I really loved the Pink Cabana Cafe most, the bar is unreal. I didn't take as many pictures there as I would've liked to. I went last week with my best friend Tim Gould. He shot all my images using my Nikon D750. I actually just switched back over to my FujiX T20, so my next blogs will be shot using that. It's just more compact and I feel like I can create more art using it. I really love these images, and I had so much fun styling them as well. 

This bag is by Three Rooms and it's 100% vegan! I love it and I want to shoot more images with it soon!