More than just a pretty shoe


Lately, I have been discovering some really cool vegan shoes. For example, I just found out about the Vegan shoe brand Rothys. I just got these Rothy pointed toe flats in the mail and I styled them for my day to night look. During the day I went to a cafe to work on my blog. These flats paired up nicely with my confetti high waisted pants. Being comfortable and stylish at the same time is important to me. Later that day I had the pleasure of dressing up my Rothys and attending a concert in downtown Los Angeles. I felt like it was so easy to dress these flats down or up depending on the occasion. I walked all around downtown with no problem, these flats are so comfortable. I really love the style of a pointed toe shoe, I feel like they have more of a sophisticated feel to them. When I was shooting these images in downtown a random chihuahua walked up into my frame and posed with me and walked off. This was a pretty magical moment for me. These shoes are vegan and maybe the dog could sense that. haha. I also lost my chihuahua of 14 years old the night before so I just felt like this was a magical spiritual moment because this little one reminded me of her. All around I had such a great feeling in these flats. I felt as though I could take on the world. 
Let me tell you a little more about Rothys. I mentioned several times they're vegan because that is important to me. But let's not forget they are also made from recycled water bottles and made to lessen our footprint and do one better for the planet. They are also washable, so you can take them everywhere you go and wash them whenever.  I feel as though these shoes will last me a lifetime. They're so lightweight as well. I can easily pack them in my handbag or suitcase while I am on the go.  And let just say I am always on the go. I plan to pack these and bring them with me on many trips in the near future. I am really proud of what this brand is doing and how they are going it. Glad to be part of this movement. I am also proud to say this brand resides in San Francisco, my home town. 

Pics by Dewey Tann

Photos below show the little chihuahua walking into my shoot and posing with me!