Strawberry Fields Forever

Ryder Bird
Images by Jessi Gray 
Dresses by Lirika Matoshi (Yes Ryder's dress too)
Strawberry beret and Hat by: Elleni The Label
Glasses: Gucci 
Earrings: Dana Haskel

I love how these turned out. We shot these just a few days ago at Malibu State Creek park. Ryder is almost 16 months old here. She is growing up so fast. When Lirika Matoshi approached us asking if Ryder could model their new kids line, I jumped for joy. I have loved this brand since the day they launched. These dresses are a dream come true. Did you know this strawberry dress is number 1 on TikTok? It's very popular. Do you like them? Thank you to Jessi for shooting these for us. We had to carry so much with us and set up, it was very hard. The sun was pretty harsh too and it was only 8:30am. I wish it was a cloudy day. I learned a lesson, when shooting a baby make sure it's a cloudy day. With sun she won't barely look up or look at the camera. HAHA.  

Please DM me more brands that Ryder can model!
Love you