Today I spent my day shooting tons of stuff at a vintage home in Culver City. This blog is show casing some of my favorite jewelry pieces. I discovered recently this amazing jewelry company called Hearts, IG name Heartsdotcom and website hearts.com . They are an ECO friendly jewelry line and all of their stuff looks super western to me with a vintage twist. I am very into things that are modern but look very vintage. As you may know I am working on my very own shoe company and our boots will look very vintage but be modern with comfort. I am also modeling a beautiful teal necklace from Shop At Image . The fork choker with the small spoon charm is by me and my boyfriend, we have a line called A Tiny Touch . We will resume our designs and start selling more stuff at reasonable prices in January. We are working now with Ryobi tools. It is about to be a very excited new year! I just got this adorable horse shoe ring by PUNKY BUNNY . I love horse shoes more and more lately. I feel like a horse shoe represents who I am and where I grew up. I grew up on a farm with horses my entire life. So this ring is very fitting and its very reasonable. My rings are by Vera Meat , I have been obsessed with this jewelry line for almost a year now. I wear her rings every single day. I love the unique designs and how funny her rings are. I love when fashion is funny, if its not funny then I try to make it funny. 
 Necklace from Hearts

 Necklace from Hearts.com
 Long necklace from Hearts Jewelry

 This choker is made from 2 forks Get it here A TINY TOUCH

 This horse shoe ring is from Punky Bunny
 This necklace is from Shopatimage.com

Hearts.com Necklace

Vera MEAT rings :) www.verameat.com