From bright to dark //

This is JJ modeling the amazing new Betty and Veronica Patch white denim jacket. Check her IG out @JJ.IN.LA ! Get the jacket here: BV

This is at LAFW : Los Angeles Fashion Week on Saturday. This is the adorable Rigel @ridgelgemini, how amazing is his suit, it has bugs printed on it, BEES I think. This is my dream suit. This is the style of my clothing line coming soon.

Before we went to the show we shot around downtown. I love the colorful wall shots we got. We got some darker shots too, those are pretty amazing.

This was the first show of the night Greyscale. The other 2 shows were amazing, I couldn't get good shots of them. I was more in the moment always! For more information on LAFW click here

My outfit details:
Bag: Emily Cho
Top: Valfre

Images by David Torres 

I have been so inspired by Gucci lately, it's becoming a huge obsession. I just ordered the cutest Gucci backpack ever, I cannot wait to share it with you all. I also just made a bunch of faux flower brooches to wear with my collared tops coming. I am in the middle of designing a clothing line for myself. I am kind of sick of whats out there and I clearly cannot afford Gucci so I will make most of the clothing and wear that. This is what will make me happiest. I am selling so much on my depop, please check it out.  My red vintage style bag is by Emily Cho, this is one of my favorite bags as of lately, I wear it every day. I love the shape of this bag and I love the size. I styled this bag with my new skirt by Betty and Veronica. Betty and Veronica is a new clothing line created by Rachel Antonoff. I am so excited about our future collections. In case you didn't know I work for the brand. Use code AMY10 for 10% off your orders!